Screening a phage display cDNA library using antibodies?

Zhonglin Chai zchai at COBRA.PATH.MONASH.EDU.AU
Wed Aug 16 23:24:54 EST 1995

        I wonder if anyone there has ever successfully screened a phage
display cDNA library using antibodies. I think this would be a much more
efficient method to clone an antigen, since millions, or more, phages with the
expressed foreign proteins located on the phage surface would be allowed to be
interacted with the specific antibody of interest. After binding, the reactive
phages including majority positive phages would be able to be pulled out using
Protein A beads or other solid phase. Those phages could be eluted and then
reinfect the host cells to form plaques, allowing conventional antibody
screening, with dramatically increased chance to obtain positives.
        I would appreciate it If you give any relevant experience, knowledge
and comment.

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