Direct cell to cell Yeast-E.coli plasmid shuttle by electroporation?

John R. Thompson jrt at
Wed Aug 16 18:20:04 EST 1995

Adam Greene <agreene at> wrote:

>There is a protocol from the Roger Brent Lab (used for rescuing plasmids 
>for 2 hybrid screening) that is just what you describe. I've not tried 
>it--- anyone? It's available online at:


>Set turboGopher or Netscape to the above address.
>Adam Greene

Thanks Adam,

It took a couple of tries to get through to that URL but I Got it. Thanks.
They reference a published paper.  Their summary below:

Summary.  This procedure describes transfer of plasmid DNA from yeast
strain EGY48 to E. coli KC8. It was adapted from one provided by
Karen Clemens in Peter Howley's lab at the NIH.  The idea was
originally published by R. Marcil and D.R. Higgins, NAR 20, 917

Yours, John

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