inside-out mito-vesicles

fester at fester at
Wed Aug 16 11:42:41 EST 1995

Hello everybody!

I am looking for someone, who has experience with making inside-out
vesicles from plant mitochondria. In the literature I found many methods
involving sonication. One source used a Parr-bomb, what seemed fairly good 
to me but unfortunately I could not find one so far here in Berlin.
I am not sure if sonication is really the best method, perhaps someone
can give me some advice. I want to use the vesicles for preparative, not 
for analytical purposes, actually I need them as a first step for the 
preparation of plant mitochondrial ribosomes. Accordingly my procedure
has to be a gentle one and should work with some grams of mitochondria.
It is not necessary to get 100% of inside-out vesicles, although I 
suppose, that the amount of ribosomes I might obtain at some later stage
depends on the amount of inside-out vesicles I can produce.

Thank You very much for Your answers!


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