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Hi TJ,

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Jim Hutchins (hutchins at wrote:
: Someone asked me (yet again) for information on how to contact the above
: company.  Unfortunately, due to severe wetware failure, I did not save
: the e-mail.  So here goes, everyone make a note of this:

: GenHunter Corporation
: 50 Boylston St.
: Brookline, MA 02146
: phone 617-739-6771
: fax 617-734-5482

: Dr. Hengen, maybe this belongs in the FAQ ;-).

: This is taken directly from literature sent to me in the spring of this
: year, so if it is incorrect, tell them, not me :-)

: Also, I have been asked to comment on the method.  However, I have no
: experience with it.  Anyone want to jump in here and enlighten us all?

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