DNA concentration

Mayumi Yagi myagi at u.washington.edu
Thu Aug 17 11:17:41 EST 1995

Are these the same as the Amicon Microcon concentrators?  If so, you can 
order them directly from Amicon (1-800-343-0696; tech help is 
1-800-343-1397).  They're good about sending out samples if you're not 
sure which ones you want; they also have some tech literature they can 
fax you if you need it.  I've used the Amicon ones for cDNA preps and 
they work fine.  No company affiliation, just a happy customer.

On 16 Aug 1995 brofft at bscr.uga.edu wrote:

> Does anyone know of a good equivelent to the Wizard Microcon 	
> microconcentrator? Promega will not sell these by themselves
> and I don't want the rest of the kit . Thanks. Jenn Brofft.

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