Source for cDNA probes????

Richard A. Lawrence lawrencer at UTHSCSA.EDU
Thu Aug 17 10:50:54 EST 1995

In article <9508161751.AA06572 at> From: jim at LUCY.TLI.ORG writes:

>I am looking for a commercial source to buy cDNA probes for hybridization.
>The probes I need are Il-1, Il-6, TNF-alpha and tgf-beta2
>I think ONCOR has the tgf-beta2 probe, does anyone know where I can find the 
>other cDNA probes
>Thanks in advance
>Dr. Jim Gale
>The Lovelace Institutes
>jim at

Oncogene Science lists quite a number of probes including those mentioned.
They are mostly oligos rather than cDNAs however.  They also make custom
probes if I am not mistaken.  They may be of help.

Oncogene Science Inc.
80 Rogers St.
Cambridge, MA 02142
TEL: (617) 492-7289,  (800) 662-2616
FAX: (617) 492-8438,  (800) 828-4871
email resprod at

I am looking for probes for northerns for murine collagen also.  Any help
would be appreciated.

Richard Lawrence, PhD.
U.T. Health Sci. Ctr. San Antonio

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