Why use LMP agarose gels?

Nigel Kenward mbxnjk at vax.nott.ac.uk
Thu Aug 17 09:35:06 EST 1995

brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU (Brett) wrote:
>>I am wondering why everyone seems to use LMP agarose gels.  I have been using
>>the Bio-Rad Prep-a-Gene kit to elute DNA from standard gel, so I didn't think
>>LMP gel would be necessary.  Now I'm beginning to wonder if there may be
>>something in standard agarose that is contaminating my DNA (ligase inhibitors?)
>>as ligation is not working out for me.
>Take the $$ you'd spend on the kit, and buy some hi-fi LMT. Run your gel in
>TAE, cut out your band, add some buffer & Mg++, melt, and use in ligations.
>Seems to work way more often than not. May I suggest FMC LMT? (no affiliation)
>Yeah, most of the time this is right !
Some agaroses contain Sulphur / sulphates etc etc which can screw things up further down the line - LMP definitely doesn't !
For regular gels, cheap agarose is AOK, but the suggestion of diluting out the DNA and not bothering with any clean-up step makes ligating, probe labelling etc FAR easier ! Remember, time costs, so spend the extra couple of pounds ecus etc. anmd try LMP
(having said all this, geneclean / Qiaex etc are so good now, good agarose probably removes the need for LMP in MOST molecular Biology.
Good Luck anyway,

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