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Thu Aug 17 16:50:21 EST 1995

Hi netters, (ignore typo in hearder)

I have found that the article

Boulikas-T.(1994)  A compilation and classification of DNA binding
sites for protein transcription factors from vertebrates.
Critical Rev in Eukaryotic gene expression 4(2-3):117-321

appears to contain info about tf's sites, species, function, type etc...
just what i am looking for....the author has some reprints...but they cost him

a lot (5-6$ a pop)....

FYI you can order the back to back journal containing the article from:

Attn J. Ra
Begell House Inc,
79 Madison Ave,
ny ny 10016

ph 1-212-725-1999

cost 132.50$ (may be more if you live far from NYC)

Hope this helps sounds like it will help me...

another point of interest....check out trevigen's ftp site...(see my biotech
company www registry for their address) on their ftp site they have a file
called GRBASE.hqx - this is a Macintosh filemaker pro document (updated 1994)
containg tf site and name info....

ciao for niao


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