Sequencing problems

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Fri Aug 18 14:56:01 EST 1995

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> Having problems with sequencing gels.  This has never happened before, 
> but the last 2 gels I've run have "expanded" during the pre-heat and 
> run!!  That is the comb is pushed out the top of the gel during the 
> pre-heat and after about 30 mins of the run you can see gel coming out.  
> Any ideas?  We haven't changed any solutions and have been running these 
> gels the same way for years!
> Any help gratefully appreciated
> Thanks 

We used to have the same problem, although I think what's happening is not
gel expanding but gel sliding. Let your gel pre-run longer and see.
Changing reagents won't help. The reason why this happens is that your
plates are over-silicanized and your gels are sliding off. You must either
reduce the amount of silicone used, wipe your plates with EtOH more to
remove the excess, or only siliconize one plate. Good luck!


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