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Fri Aug 18 15:19:24 EST 1995

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>> Hi,
>> We are looking for antibodies against chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT), especially 
>> monoclonal ones. If someone out there knows of any company selling them, unconjugated, linked 
>> to beads, on columns or whatever, please give me a sign. I would appreciate it very much.
>We recently used the CAT elisa kit from Bohringer, and 5'-3' also has a
>kit, I don't think the Ab's in the kit are monoclonals though. Are you guys
>going to use the monoclonal for this purpose? if so do you know anyone who
>has published transcription activation studies using CAT elisa's instead of
>the conventional method?
>Batu Erman

I recently purchase the anti-CAT-DIG from Boehringer for use in immuno-
cytochem and also on westerns. It seems to work ok for the immunocytochem
but Im not having a great deal of luck using it in for westerns yet.
As far as I could gather, they are about the only people selling free
anti-CAT, ie not in a kit, or preabsorbed to elisa plates etc. GIBCO used
to sell it but stopped fairly recently... why i dont know.

The Boehringer is a sheep anti-CAT conjugated to digoxigenin. Im using
their anti-DIG-rhodamine for the immunofluorescence which seems to be Ok.

If anyone else knows of another (cheaper) source of the anti-CAT i would love
to hear about it!


Simon Twigger, 
Medical Collgege of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI.

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