DNA concentration

U12201 at uicvm.uic.edu U12201 at uicvm.uic.edu
Fri Aug 18 12:03:07 EST 1995

Pierce has a Slide-A-Lyzer and a concentrating solution that
works well for this. Alternatively you can put the dilute
solution in a slide-a-lyzer, leave it on the grille of a
cell culture hood and simply let the excess water evaporate.
Works like a charm, but takes a little longer.
Keld Sorensen       KeldS at uic.edu

In article <40vqat$p4o at galactica.galactica.it>, Giorgio Spagnol <spagnol at galactica.it> says:
>Dear fellow scientists,
>do you know any good protocol to concentrate DNA, apart from
>precipitating it?
>Any suggestion would be greatly welcome.
>Thanks in advance.

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