Sequencing problems

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> Subj:	Sequencing problems
> Having problems with sequencing gels.  This has never happened before, 
> but the last 2 gels I've run have "expanded" during the pre-heat and 
> run!!  That is the comb is pushed out the top of the gel during the 
> pre-heat and after about 30 mins of the run you can see gel coming out.  
> Any ideas?  We haven't changed any solutions and have been running these 
> gels the same way for years!
> Any help gratefully appreciated
> Thanks 
I'm not so sure your gels have "expanded". This has happened to me before as 
well. The gel seems to slide out of the top of the apparatus. Whatever the 
cause, it can be prevented by making sure that your spacers are slightly 
shorter than the length of the glass. This causes two "hooks" to form at the 
bottom of the gel which prevents it from sliding out of the glass.

Rob Steven  

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