nested deletions

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Fri Aug 18 11:07:30 EST 1995

Hello everyone
 Ineed a bit of advice re: nested deletions. I have been using a kit supplied by NEB ('Exo Size deletion kit') the problem is that the only plasmid I can rescue are of parental size evne though I can see that the ExoIII has worked very nicely from analytical gels of samples taken at different time points of my deletion reactions. I suspect the Mung Bean Nuclease is to blame (the reaction vol is 20ul for 30min at 30oC using 50mMNaOAc pH 5.0, 30mM NaCl and 1mM ZnSO4). Is there anything I should be aware of a
bout MBN any suggestions etc.... I have used the Pharmacia deletion kit in the past and that worked o.k. but that used S1 nuclease. Whats the feeling should I buy some S1 nuclease to use in my present kit?  Any other thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks v.much to all of those poeple who have answered my previons questions.

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