Problems with BRL 100 bp ladder

Derek M. Harkins dmh
Sat Aug 19 22:38:17 EST 1995

Greetings to all in netland.  
I have been experiencing problems recently with the 100 bp ladder from
Gibco-BRL.  I am getting light smears in my gels.  I have not changed the
recipe for dilution nor the reagents used to make said dilutions.  I contacted
the company, and was asked if I had made the dilution to contain a 20mM final
concentration of NaCl.  My answer was "No" but I have had no problems in the
past.  I bought some fresh ladder and this time added the prescried 20 mM final
NaCl, but to no avail.  My question is twofold.  First, has anyone lately
experienced any problems with the ladder-- particularly in certain lot numbers?
Second, has anyone noticed differences in the mobility/resolution due to added
Thanks in advance for your responses.

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