Cheap Photodocumentation

Sun Aug 20 22:03:43 EST 1995

On Sun, 20 Aug 1995, sabah hussain wrote:

> Dear netters. I am in the process of establishing a photodocumentation system for quantifying EthrB stained gels, western and 
> northern blots. I know that there are many commercial systems such as BioRad, Hoeffer etc but these systems are beyond my reach. 
> Any advice regarding an affordable or home-made systems is greatly appreciated. 
Choice #1
1. buy color scanner (<$800)
2. scan all your photo, save as *.tif file format
3. load into MS powerpoint or Harvard graphics or freelance
4. you can do more than you can imagine 
5. print into color output (color printer must be over 360x360 dpi, <$700)
6. Or print into B/W using laser printer (over 600 dpi, you'll get photo 
    quality output with this, <$1000)

Choice #2
1. buy camcorder (<$700)
2. buy frame grabber (<$400)
3. grab the frame from illuminator
4. save as *.tif file format
5. goto #3 at Choice 1

You may already have some of listed devices at your lab, of course include
486 computers.

Compare this to more than $10,000 worth of commercial system.
commercial systems includes camera and grabber and limited application 
programs but mostly they are B/W. You can switch into color system buying 
camcorder with frame grabber.


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