DNA Strider

Giorgio Spagnol spagnol at galactica.it
Sun Aug 20 15:42:47 EST 1995

In article <40l27j at news-ipg.umds.ac.uk> Mr SMNN Faruque,
sfaruque at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk writes:
> schonhoft.2 at osu.edu (B.Schonhoft) wrote:
> >Does anyone know how to use the digest menu command in Strider 1.2? 
When I
> >try it, it says rest. enzyme not chosen.  Please reply by e-mail. 
> This question always comes up.  Read the manual, Page 45, paragraph 7,
in the 
> section starting GRAPHIC MAP.
> Nadeem
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Or, if you do not have the manual...:

After  opening the file sequence, hold the command key (the one with the
apple) and the key immediately next to it on the left executing  from the
menu the Digestion command.
Good luck.

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