Source for cDNA probes????

Richard Rohan rrohan at
Mon Aug 21 21:25:54 EST 1995

jim at LUCY.TLI.ORG wrote:

>I am looking for a commercial source to buy cDNA probes for hybridization.
>The probes I need are Il-1, Il-6, TNF-alpha and tgf-beta2

>I think ONCOR has the tgf-beta2 probe, does anyone know where I can find the 
>other cDNA probes

Does species make a difference?  I know that ATCC has rat IL-6 cDNA. They may
have others.  Gopher to and go from there to search ATCC
online.  We had obtained human IL-1 family cDNAs from Immunex but I don't
think that you can "buy" them.  I believe that Clonetech sells PCR amplimers
for human IL-1 and possibly others.  (Tried to check but their web site, was unavailable this AM).  Maybe you could use these to
PCR the probe you need.  I also know of a lab with complete set of rat IL-1
family cDNA subfragments.  Mail me for details.


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