Crosslinking at acidic pH

Andrei Popov ANDREI.POPOV at
Mon Aug 21 16:36:42 EST 1995

>          we are trying to crosslink a redox protein
>to a membrane protein
>complex. As we want to work at a physiological pH (between 5.0 to 7.0)
>we are looking for crosslinkers reacting at this pH range. Most
>homobifunctional crosslinkers react at pH values above 7.0. If we try
>to work with EDC (in combination with NHS) we dont get adducts, so if
>you know about a homobifunctional crosslinker, reatcing below pH 7,0
>let us know...
>Thanks in advance
>Dr. Jochen Kruip                  E-mail: kruip at
>Institut fuer Botanik             FAX: ++49-251-833823
>Schlossgarten 3
>D-48149 Muenster, Germany 

If your proteins are glycosilated you can use one of the hydrazine-
containing reagents. Oxydised polysaccharide moieties react well with
hydrazine groups at pH 4-5.

Sorry if it is of little help


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