HELP: Is there a kit for MAxam-Gilbert Sequencing?

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Mon Aug 21 21:26:00 EST 1995

damania <DAMANIA_B at> wrote:

>Does anyone know if there is a kit for Maxam-Gilbert

Searching BioSupplyNet locates

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Category:  MOLECULAR BIOLOGY REAGENTS, Kits for Molecular Biology Techniques 
Product: 0192.....Sequencing, DNA, MAXAM-GILBERT                       


800-424-6101.....BIO 101 Inc.

800-551-2121.....DuPont NEN
800-325-8070.....Sigma Molecular Biology

800 424-5444.....Stratagene

800-4BIORAD.....Bio-Rad Laboratories


800-626-7873.....Molecular Biology Resources Inc.

800-325-8070.....Sigma BioSciences

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>Or does everybody do it the old fashioned way?

I used the Sigma kit years ago but stopped doing sequencing myself when my
institution opened a reasonably priced in-house core sequencing facility.

Good luck

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