Good Marker for Histiocyte and/or Macrophage ?

Stephen R. Lasky, Ph.D. Stephen_Lasky at
Mon Aug 21 09:47:15 EST 1995

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> Hi,
> Posting this for a non-networked colleague (I'll forward all responses):
>   "Can you suggest a good marker for histiocyte and/or macrophage?
>    Where might the recommended antibody be obtained?
>    Thank you."
> Thanks.
> --Jeff

Its hard to say with this little information.  Are you looking for a cell
surface marker or for some sort of activity like a specific transcription
factor?  Since its probably the former, you might want to try CD11b/CD18
(Mo1) or CD14 (Mo2).  Check one of the charts that are put out by
companies that supply antibodies for FACS analysers for descriptions of
many others.


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