OPC column purification of oligos

John E. Fox altabios at bham.ac.uk
Mon Aug 21 07:27:00 EST 1995

In article <mcgorry-1408951548220001 at quadra950.pathology.pitt.edu>, mcgorry at med.pitt.edu (Michael Gorry) says:
>Our lab is currently using the OPC column to purify Oligos.  Is anyone aware
>of a method that is faster or a hookup that would let the OPC column be used
>at a rate faster than two at a time. (We currently use the OPC column with
>3ml syringes and can only do two oligos at a time)

We use a vacuum manifold to purify ours. It can take up to 12 
at a time. I bought ours from Fisons but I think they are available
from firms like Altech.
John Fox

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