New ABI sequencer?

David T. Croke dtcroke at
Mon Aug 21 16:02:33 EST 1995

In article <40q2f4$2hj at>, Andy Phillips
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> I heard a rumour that Applied Biosystems are about to launch a new
> automated sequencer, and that it will be both better and 
> significantly cheaper than the existing machines.
> Doas anyone have any information on this new machine, and how much
> it's likely to cost?
> I'm sorry if this is the wrong newsgroup for such a request - I 
> thought that there was an bionet.molbio.automated.seq.something
> group. but I can't find it any more.
> Andy

I have been shopping around for a lower priced sequencer and have seen a
photocopy of the brochure for the new ABI Prism instrument.  It is based
upon a capillary electrophoresis system and loads/runs samples one at a
time (as usual, >4 colours per lane plus internal size standard) on one of
two possible matrices -- one for sequence ladders and one for fragments. 
Samples are loaded automatically from a 96-well tray by a
high-tech.autosampler.  Our local dealers have suggested run-times of
approx. 18 minutes per sample for fragment analysis run and approx. 2
hours per sample for sequence ladders.  Other than this, I have no info
and have not as yet been able to find out if/where they have installed one
in the UK.

I hope this is of some use.

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