Scal amp resistance gene

Mike Kladde MPK6 at
Mon Aug 21 11:02:10 EST 1995

I remember an article appeared in Biotechniques about May 1994 authored by Doug
las H. Jones from the Dept of Pediatrics, University of Iowa College of Medicin
e, Iowa City, IA 52242. He had created two plasmids, designated pRR1 and pRR2 (
for restriction-resistant) in which he systematically removed as many restricti
on sites as possible from a pUC vector by site-directed mutagenisis. I don't re
call if the ScaI in the beta-lactamase gene was one of them.

I wrote to Dr. Jones requesting the plasmid and I believe he informed me that t
hey were going to be marketed by BRL in Gaithersburg, MD. I know it was to be s
old somewhere, for sure. I never did follow this up and obtain some plasmid. Pl
ease let me know if you find it.

Hope this helps.

Mike Kladde
PennState University

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