Calculate mol. wt, molarity etc from chemical formula

J. A. Kiernan jkiernan at
Tue Aug 22 10:01:04 EST 1995

MOLWT  Version 2.3

  Do you ever need to do a quick molecular weight calculation from a
  chemical formula, or want to know how many grams of Na2SO4.10H2O
  are in 100 ml of a 0.076M solution? You can use MOLWT, a new shareware
  program, to get instant answers, even at the DOS command-line.

    MOLWT is a utility for simple chemical calculations

       There are already some excellent chemical calculation programs,
       (CHEMCALC, MOLARMAS etc). MOLWT is not as versatile as these, but
       it is much faster for what it does do, and it needs only 50 KB of
       disk space (half of which is documentation).  It will run on any
       DOS-based computer.  Color is used for emphasis, but the screens
       are legible on any kind of monitor.

    Available by anonymous ftp from  in the
    /SimTel/msdos/chemstry directory. The file is
    Or from  in the /pc/science directory,
    Dont forget to enter the "binary" command before downloading!

    The MOLWT23.ZIP  archive contains 3 files:
      MW.EXE calculates molecular weight from an entered chemical
        formula. Can be used at the DOS command line, or interactively.
      SOLUTION.EXE gives concentrations in various units in response to
        an entered formula and concentration.  It works with MW.EXE
        Can be used at the DOS command line, or interactively.
      MOLWT.EXE is the documentation file, which can be read on screen
        or printed in whole or part.

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