green fluorescent protein (GFP)

Ivica Cerina gki2 at
Tue Aug 22 09:22:18 EST 1995

Is there anyone out there who has had success in expressing GFP in 
endothelial cells???

If so, what kind of expression vector / transfection method / 
cells have you used and what is your transfection efficiency?

I am interested in the cellular distribution pattern of my protein of 
interest which is synthetized, secreted and bound by endothelial cells.
've extensively  tried ito localize this protein by immunofluorescence but 
the signal is (in spite of biot./stav. amplification) not very strong - so I'd
like to overexpress the protein  in endothelial cells.

Now I'm not sure if it's really an advantage to use GFP-fusions because 
there were a lot of, let's say contradictory reports around. GFP would 
be very nice not only for detection in living cells but as a tool for 
further studies...

Any comments / suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Ivica Cerina, PhD                  e-mail: gki2 at
Haemostasis Research Unit
MPI f. physiol. u. klin. Forschung
61231 Bad Nauheim

(I know this sounds very optimistic but are there any reports on stably 
transfected cells producing GFP fusion proteins?)

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