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> Giorgio:  yes;  add an equal amount (vol) of butanol to your DNA soln.; 
> vortex; centrifuge; take off top layer (butanol layer).  Repeat this 
> until your DNA soln. has decreased to the desired volume.  Problems with 
> this protocol are:  shearing of DNA during vortexing and remaining 
> butanol in DNA soln.  The latter can be removed by either ppt. the DNA or 
> drawing off some of the DNA soln. when the butanol is aspirated. 
> On 17 Aug 1995, Giorgio Spagnol wrote:
> > Dear fellow scientists,
> > do you know any good protocol to concentrate DNA, apart from
> > precipitating it?
> > Any suggestion would be greatly welcome.
> > Thanks in advance.
> > Giorgio
> > 
> > 

You can do this with dry diethyl ether as well and it forms a nicer
interface than butanol.  But if you are going to vortex the DNA, why not
just ppt it?  


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