Choosing a PCR machine

Steven Sullivan sullivan at
Tue Aug 22 22:33:42 EST 1995

MJ's are good, but they tell me they're a little backlogged on certain 
models.  Expect a month delay if you order one.  What I especially liked 
about the MJ I used was its ease of programming.  The Thermolyne we have 
now is a bear to program, and not very flexible.  

We just ordered a cycler from Ericomp; its specs seem comparable to MJ's, 
it's Peltier-driven, and we got two independent blocks with heated lids 
for a good price (less than MJ).  They also tell me they;ve been making 
cyclers fro about as long as Perkin Elmer.  I don't have their address 
handy, but they advertise in Biotechniques.  

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