Choosing a PCR machine

lonnie ericompladel at
Wed Aug 23 11:09:02 EST 1995

Steven Sullivan <sullivan at> writes:
>We just ordered a cycler from Ericomp; its specs seem comparable to MJ's, 
>it's Peltier-driven, and we got two independent blocks with heated lids 
>for a good price (less than MJ).  They also tell me they;ve been making 
>cyclers fro about as long as Perkin Elmer.  I don't have their address 
>handy, but they advertise in Biotechniques.  
How to contact Ericomp, Inc.:
	Ericomp, Inc.
	6044 Cornerstone Ct.
	San Diego, California USA  92121
	Phone (in U.S.):    800-541-8471
	Phone (outside U.S.) 619-457-1888
	FAX:  619-457-2937
	EMAIL: ericompladel at

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