DNA concentration

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| Dear fellow scientists,
| do you know any good protocol to concentrate DNA, apart from
| precipitating it?

Electro-elute it through a capillary tube fitted with dialysis membrane.
You can do this by wrapping a thin piece of parafilm around the tube several
times. After electrophoresis, turn it upside down into a centrifuge
tube....spin baby spin :-) An added advantage...it also desalts. Another way is
to slice off the bottom part of a 0.5 or 1.5 ml eppendorf and wrap the bottom
with dialysis membrane as above. Float it on top of TBE in your mini-gel unit
with the positive electrode connected to in the bottom buffer and the negative
electrode as a wire going into the top of the tube. After 1 hr. at 100 V,
carefully remove all but about 100 ul (or whatever volume you want), pipet out
the DNA in last bit by pumping up and down. This is actually a modified version
of the method for recovery of DNA from agarose below:

author = "N. Karuppiah
     and P. B. Kaufman",
title = "Rapid and inexpensive micro-electroelution of
nucleic acid and protein from agarose and polyacrylamide gels",
journal = "BioTechniques",
volume = "13",
pages = "368",
year = "1992"}

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