Source of Cellophane for Drying Gels

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Wed Aug 23 09:42:20 EST 1995

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> Hello:
> I am looking for a cheap source of cellophane for drying polyacrylamide 
> gels.  Does anyone have an address/phone number of a good source?  Thanks.
> Daniel Kim

We use cellophane from FLEXEL, Inc. -and the price is definitely right
(i.e., you pay nothing)! Ask them to send you a demo role of Film Type 128
PUT-76, width 11, O.D. 0.5. This should work. Good Luck.

115 Perimeter Center Place
Suite 1100
Atlanta, GA 30346

Tel:(404) 393-0696

-Alex Morla
Dr. Alex Morla
Dept. of Pathology
The Univ. of Chicago                                              

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