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> Dear netfriends,
> has anybody out there tried to grow bacteria in microtiterplates in
> a small volume like 200 microliter? I just had a funny result with that.
> All the bacteria in the middle of the plate grew well but the onces  on
the outer rows did not grow? How can this be explained? I did not shake
the plates, i just put them at 37.
> --
> Nancy Terryn

I suspect you used a microtiter plate with a loose fitting plastic cover
aka a tissue culture type plate, and the outer wells dessicated while the
inner ones didn't. I have had best luck shaking the plates quite fast
(„250RPM) with a rich media like TB. Too bad "Mr. Microplate" or whoever
doesn't make a baffled bottom 96 well plate.

PS the 48 prong template sold in SIgma is great for going from the 96 well
plate to solid media.
Good Luck!


Ted Michelini
Institute of Molecular Biology
University of Oregon
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