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  article <jkiernan.281.3039F12F at>, jkiernan at (J. A. Kiernan) writes:
> MOLWT  Version 2.3
>   Do you ever need to do a quick molecular weight calculation from a
>   chemical formula, or want to know how many grams of Na2SO4.10H2O
>   are in 100 ml of a 0.076M solution? You can use MOLWT, a new shareware
>   program, to get instant answers, even at the DOS command-line.
>     MOLWT is a utility for simple chemical calculations
>        There are already some excellent chemical calculation programs,
>        (CHEMCALC, MOLARMAS etc). MOLWT is not as versatile as these, but
>        it is much faster for what it does do, and it needs only 50 KB of
>        disk space (half of which is documentation).  It will run on any
>        DOS-based computer.  Color is used for emphasis, but the screens
>        are legible on any kind of monitor.
>     Available by anonymous ftp from  in the
>     /SimTel/msdos/chemstry directory. The file is
>     Or from  in the /pc/science directory,
>     as
>     Dont forget to enter the "binary" command before downloading!
>     The MOLWT23.ZIP  archive contains 3 files:
>       MW.EXE calculates molecular weight from an entered chemical
>         formula. Can be used at the DOS command line, or interactively.
>       SOLUTION.EXE gives concentrations in various units in response to
>         an entered formula and concentration.  It works with MW.EXE
>         Can be used at the DOS command line, or interactively.
>       MOLWT.EXE is the documentation file, which can be read on screen
>         or printed in whole or part.
>    Comments and suggestions          John A. Kiernan
>    welcome!                          Department of Anatomy
>                                      Univ. of Western Ontario
>                                      LONDON, Canada  N6A 5C1
>                                      e-mail: kiernan at

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