BA phagemid

Elida at Elida at
Thu Aug 24 13:26:44 EST 1995

I just received a cDNA library cloned in the BA phagemid. I have never worked with a phagemid 
library before and I want to get some important papers about this.  I need information about the BA 
phagemid and want to know how much cDNA should I use to trasnform competent cells making 
sure that I will  have all  transcribed genes when I plate the library. The library is from a eukaryote 
organism. My cDNA concentration is 1.8 µg/µl and I have 2 µl. If you have experience with BA 
phagemid or know the answer to my question, please write it to me.  Thank you. Elida. 

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