growing bacteria in microtite

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Thu Aug 24 01:43:38 EST 1995

Nancy Terryn (nater at wrote:

: Dear netfriends,

: has anybody out there tried to grow bacteria in microtiterplates in
: a small volume like 200 microliter? I just had a funny result with that.
: All the bacteria in the middle of the plate grew well but the onces  on the outer rows did not grow? How can this be explained? I did not shake the plates, i just put them at 37.

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I am answering my own question with the suggestions I got in my personal mailbox so at least if you have read the question you know the answer to. I would appreciate if more people would do that...I hate to see all those questions without any answer in the newsgroup.

It seems that it is very important to tape the plates or to cover them with an
adhesive sheet (Prod 15036 from Pierce or sterile Mylar plastic sheets were suggested to me. Just the cover is not enough!  e
This should avoid evaporation in the outer rows, which would increase the glycerol concentration and thus inhibit growth.

Thanks to all that helped me with this problem!


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