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>I have used quantitative RT-PCR for past publications. I have had no 
>problems with the reviewers. The main problem with RT-PCR is that 
>different primers have different efficiency of amplification. If you 
>choose the conditions of the standard correctly, RT-PCR can be more 
>accurate than Northern blot analysis, in my experience. Even more 
>interestingly, a recent manuscript that I submitted to a reputable 
>journal, the reviewers' response was that I should use quantitative 
>RT-PCR over that of Northern blot analysis for all my studies as the 
>control for Northern, GAPDH, showed variations in the level. I would like 
>to direct you to two articles regarding this matter. 
>Siebert PD et al. 1992. Competitive PCR. Nature 359:557-558
>Forster E. 1994. Rapid generation of internal standards for competitive 
>PCR by low-stringency primer annealing.
And the second reference is...
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