Choosing a PCR machine

Richard R. Hardy hardy at
Fri Aug 25 14:30:55 EST 1995

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Skory) wrote:

>I also bought the PE gene amp 2400 and have been very happy with 
>it. It probably isn't that much better than the MJ machine, but I 
>can say from personal experience that the service from PE is 10x 
>better than MJ. So if the extra service isn't worth a little 
>extra money, then buy an MJ.  Be warned ... they are back-logged 
>and you will have to wait your turn in line.

I must say that our service from MJ has been reasonable - we maintain
service contracts (institute policy on critical instruments) and have got
exchange loaners when there's been a problem (which has been rare).  There
are 5 or 6 MJ machines in the neighborhood and I think this is the general
experience here.  I'm sure PE machines and service are also exemplary, if
a bit pricey...
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