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>> Does anyone have information (including addresses if possible) on 
>> commercial sources for blocking antibodies specific for human or 
>> mouse integrin subunits?

Here are some of the commercial sources of integrin antibodies (this information
came from the CSH Lab Manual Source Book, the Yellow Pages for the research
community. A free copy of the Source Book can be obtained FREE from the CSHL
Press WWW site (CLIO) or by accessing BioSupplyNet,
which is also located on the CSHL Press WWW site)

American Qualex Antibodies 800-772-1776
Beohringer Mannheim Corp. 800-262-1640
Oncogene Science, Inc. 800-662-2616
Sigma BioScience 800-325-6070
Zymed Laboratories 800-874-4494

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