Question about your graduate program

Joanne Tornow jtornow at
Fri Aug 25 08:36:38 EST 1995

We are involved in a heated debate in our department over the retention 
of a Foreign Language requirement for doctoral graduate students. One of 
the proponents has argued that most doctoral programs at American 
universities have just such a requirement. I thought that I would try a 
quick unscientific survey on the net to get some idea of the veracity of 
that statement. So, would you mind sending me an e-mail answering the 
following questions:

1. What is the name of your university?
2. Do you have a Foreign Language requirement, and if so, what is it?

Please, please don't post your answers to the newsgroup, as this has 
nothing to do with methods or reagents.

Thanks very much!

Joanne Tornow
University of Southern Mississippi
jtornow at 

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