A: Primer design: Is there a source of statistical base distributions in genomes?

Wolfgang Schechinger u7k0201 at sunmail.lrz-muenchen.de
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sunger at crl.com (Stefan Unger) wrote:
>The MAC program RightPrimer already does this and is very reasonably 
>priced.  Send mailing address if you would like information.  I am a dealer.  
>Wolfgang Schechinger 
>(u7k0201 at sunmail.lrz-muenchen.de) wrote: : Hello everyone!
>: Primer sequences should only match to the targetted sequence. That sounds simple, but how to 
>: prove it? OK, you can search the GenBank for another match, but the GenBank yet is not complete 
>: (will it ever be?). I have heard about a method by mathematically deriving the probabilities of 
>: certain sequences from the real distribution of small fragments (e.g dimers, tetramers or 
>: hexamers) in a genome. 
>: To compile these data sets I suppose there's a need of much workspace and machine capacity. 
>: Thus I would like to know if this approach makes sense and is really neccessary and, if so,
>: if there already exists some data on the issue - where may it be found?
>: Thank you for your help!
>: Please email your posting, too.
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Dear Stefan, Thank you for your reply! 
Testing my primer for another match on my gene is not the actual problem. Maybe I didn't point 
that out clearly enough. I'm looking for a way of optimizing my primers for minimal match on 

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