DNA mismatch repair

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Fri Aug 25 11:31:35 EST 1995

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> If there is a nucleotide mismatch in a double stranded DNA, is this
> mismatch corrected in the sense or the anti-sense strand ?  Or is
> there an equal probability of repair on each strand ?  Any help will
> be appreciated.  Thanks.
> Rajendra V. Deshpande, Ph.D.
> Molecular Biology Research
> The Upjohn Company
> Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Got it right the second time.  Assuming you are transforming into E.coli
to repair the mismatch (and I can't think of any other way), it's 50-50
where the repair will be.  You can sequence to find the correct mutation,
or design it so a resriction site is created.

Dr. Benjamin Lieberman
Duke University
Durham, NC

liebe003 at mc.duke.edu

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