Can you run an RNA TBE-agarose gel?

SEHuang sehuang at
Sat Aug 26 00:11:36 EST 1995

Dear John:

Yes, you can run RNA on agarose gels, just to see if you have RNA. In an
1.5.% gel, you will see the 28S at around 1500 and the 18S at around 1000
bp (estimates) as two typical bands. The 5S runs much lower.
However, unlike DNA, RNA does not stain well if you use the method of
incubating the RNA with EtBr prior to loading onto EtBr free gels. Better
use the "EtBr-in gel-method". 
RNA also stains well with the more sensitive (but more expensive) dye Sybr
Green (Molecular Probes, Inc) and might appear pink, while DNA is green
with this dye.

Sui H.

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