Best adjustable "ultra-micropipettor"?

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> Has anyone had a chance to compare the various adjustable volume 
> ultra-micro pipettors on the market? I am used to using 5 fixed 
> volume Oxfords for 1-5ul samples.
> In air-displacment designs, I see Gilson P10, Finnipipette,
> Eppendof,
> Thanks much,
> Jim
   I haven't done any exp. to determine absolute accuracy of these units
but I have a few insights. The Eppendorf adjustable is a decent pipette,
giving reproducible amounts (CPM of a hot oligo for example) but it has
one major flaw:
the exposed piston is VERY succeptible to damage and/or contamination. A
single drop and the entire unit is trashed; apparently the piston alone is
not replacable. The Gilson P10/P2 has an enclosed piston and the volume
adjustment can be done with one hand and wearing gloves, as with all
Gilsons. The types with spinning plungers are awkward. In addition the
third detent eject in the Eppendorf usually kicks in at the least
convenient time, usually down into a flask or tube. The Gilson is probably
the way to go if the reported accuracy and precision of the units are
acceptable to you. The do require special tips... but on the bright side
the tips are sharp and wonderfully tapered, you can actually deliver sub
10ul drops of low viscosity liquids. My $0.02.


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