Computer Virus from American Cancer Society diskette

Young Whang ywhang at
Sat Aug 26 12:00:11 EST 1995

I want to warn the research community about a possibility of a computer virus 
from a research grant application diskette from American Cancer Society.  My 
computer got infected with a boot sector virus called NYB when I accidentally 
booted my computer with this diskette that I obtained from UCLA Office of 
Contracts and Grants.  Subsequently, this virus was found on diskettes given 
to other researchers by this Office.  I hear that this virus is on the 
original diskette they received from ACS before they copied and distributed 
through out UCLA.  Therefore, there is a possibility that other institutions 
may have received infected diskettes from ACS.  This virus is easily detected 
and cleaned by software available by downloading from
and download       
You need an unzipping application to run this program.  It is also available 
in the same area.
Hope nobody else suffers like I did.  It played havoc with my computer for a 
while until I found and removed the virus.  Just beware
Young Whang, MD, PhD
Division of Hematology-Oncology, Dept of Medicine
UCLA School of Medicine

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