Gradient maker and collector needed - recommendations?

Sat Aug 26 15:06:31 EST 1995

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Shiao Y. Wang <sywang at> wrote:
>I need recommendation for purchasing a sucrose/CsCl gradient maker and
>fraction collector for virus isolation. I've been looking at a BioRad
>Econo chromatography system. I was told that the pump can be programmed to
>make gradients. Thanks for any recommendations and advise.
>Shiao Wang
>University of Southern Mississippi
>sywang at

I've collected a lot of sucrose gradients (mostly of polysomes) on what
used to be an ISCO System 510 gradient fractionator. I believe now that a 
company called Brandel (voice 800-948-6506, or Fax 301-869-5570) sells it 
now. It is a "bottom up" collector driven by a syringe pump, and it 
interfaces with an ISCO UA-5 detector/chart recorder.  I was very happy 
with; if the Brandel machine is the same as ISCO's I would recommend it.  
It is very flexible in that it can adapt to wide variety of tubes, 
including both open-top (from a swing-out rotor) or heat-sealed.

I used to pour the gradients with a peristaltic pump-driven gradient 
maker that was originally made by Buchler, which was bought out by Haake, 
which in turn was bought out by... gee I can't remember.  Good luck 
finding it.

(I have no affiliation with ISCO, Brandel, Buchler, Haake, or whoever).


			Nick Theodorakis
			ntheo at
			Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, MD

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