growing bacteria in microtite

Jeremy Carson carsonj at
Sun Aug 27 07:07:51 EST 1995

nater at (Nancy Terryn) wrote:
 >Dear netfriends,
 >has anybody out there tried to grow bacteria in microtiterplates in
 >a small volume like 200 microliter? I just had a funny result with that.
 >All the bacteria in the middle of the plate grew well but the onces  on the outer rows did not grow? How can this be explained? I did not shake the plates, i just put them at 37.

I grow a variety of bacteria in identification media in 96 well microtitre
plates in 100 micro litre volumes with no 'edge' effects. I wonder whether
evaporation may be a problem? I use sterile flat bottomed Nunclon plates for
tissue culture. After inoculation I seal the plate with adhesive film (ICN make
a tape on a roll that is the width of a tray. Incidentally, these trays are
used for minimum inhibitory concentration antibiotic assays without a problem.
Jeremy Carson

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