Setting up a lab at home

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart
Sun Aug 27 22:18:24 EST 1995


I'm considering setting up a basic "molecular biology" laboratory in my home. I
hope to design/build much of the equipment, and to purchase some. This is not
as far-fetched as it may seem (I hope!) as my mate is a
machinist/programmer/designer who hopes to use my setup to work on his
equipment designs. My vision is of a place where, free from having to justify
work financially, I can play around with "hobby projects". I see this home lab
as a place to do "preliminary experiments" (=low reps), which can (if
promising) be imported into the academic lab.

Does anyone think this is feasible in this day and age? Any advice? Will
experiments produced outside of an "institute" be publishable? I'd like some
feedback on this idea. 

Of course the Big Question is: Why would anyone want to take LABwork HOME? 
Must just be crazy, I guess ;-)
Susan Jane Hogarth
sjhogart at

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