Antigene oligodeoxynucleotide

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> Dear netters, 
>         I'm considering the design of antigene oligodeoxynucleotide (ODN) 
> to control stress gene expression.  I intend to synthesize 13-mer ODN 
> consisted of thymine and 5-methyl-cytosin and 5'-linked acrydine, 
> which is expected to form triplex on stress 70 promoter. 
>         I hope someone to tell me whether or not
> 1)phosphorothioate modification of the ODN is needed?

This will stabilize the oligo towards nuclease digestion, but unfortunately
will probably abolish any triplex formation...

> 2)a single mismatch at 3' terminus reduce the stability of expected
> triplex?

Not very much.  Do you wish to descriminate a single base mismatch at the 
3' end?  

> 3)there are some other strategies (or modification) of ODN to improve it 
> in the ability to shutt off the gene expression?

I am currently working on a new backbone analog which should serve very
well in your application.  If you are interested in a formal collaboration,
please e-mail me.  (I work for a private company and we need to have
written agreements and such...)

David H. Lloyd, Ph.D.
<dhl at>
Lynx Therapeutics, Inc.

> Other recent info on antigene ODN would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Kappei Kobayashi (kappei at

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