Phage displayed cDNA libs.

Troels Wind wind at
Sun Aug 27 09:33:23 EST 1995

Hi there,

Recently somebody posted a request for info on phage display of cDNA
libraries and the possibility of selection from these using MAb's.

Look up the following:
L. S. Jespers, BIO/TECHNOLOGY vol. 13, april 1995, pp 378-381
R. Crameri and M. Suter, Gene vol. 137, 1993, pp 69-75

Both papers describe the fusion of cDNA-products to phage, Jespers uses
p6 and Crameri uses p3. 

Both demonstrate selection of individual clones by biopanning against 
protein-ligands and Ab's respectively.

Crameri or Suter has published more or less the same story again in
PNAS recently.

Have a good one
Troels Wind

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