Quantitative PCR

Thomas Kreuzer thomas.kreuzer at kfunigraz.ac.at
Thu Aug 24 20:43:36 EST 1995

On Thu. 24 Aug Frank Chen wrote as a reply to a question concerning 
quantitative RT-PCR:

" No matter how you do it and how good your controls are , your results from 
quantitative PCR will be questionable."

Since I am trying to put up a quantitative RT-PCR - method myself (and being 
quite new to the method of PCR in common) I would be interested in the major 
reservations against the principle of quantitative PCR and especially 
quantitative RT-PCR. What exactly makes it´s results questionable and why 
can´t these problems be avoided ?
It would be a great help if you could also give me some advice about 
literature dealing with these problems.

Thanks in advance,

Tom Kreuzer

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