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>xinguo at (Xin Guo) wrote:
>>Does anyone know if there is any way to do non-radioactive
>>northern blotting? any references or commercial kits?
>>SUNY at Buffalo

There are a number of companies that sell kits for non-radioactive labeling
of DNA and RNA.

Here are some (this information comes from the CSHL Lab Manual Source Book,
the category Nonisotopic Alternatives, Nucleic Acid Labeling):

Amersham 800-323-9750
Boehringer Mannheim Corp. 800-262-1640
DuPont NEN 800-551-2121
Genemed Biotechnologies 800-344-5337
Life Technologies 800-828-6686
Promega 800-356-9526
Sigma BioSciences 800-325-8070
Stratagene 800-424-5444

The Source Book also has a section called Bench Basics. This section
compares product features for certain topics. One topic is
Nonisotopic Nucleic Acid Labeling Kits, and details the product name, supplier,
label used, labeling method, probe uses, etc. I'd be happy to send you a copy.

Good luck

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